Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors

These are the opening lines of Poison Heart, see the link below, it's free this weekend!

They poisoned my heart.
They made me betray my true love.
I dance for them in court. I smile and curtsy, but it is all a lie. I am but a marionette on strings. A mere toy for their amusement.
I want to die.
But I am the worst sort of coward.
They make me eat, but the food sticks to sides of my throat and becomes a rock in my stomach.
I don’t know who I hate more. Them or me.
They tried to take away my pride, making each day a new humiliation to endure. But what they don’t realize, what they will never know is...that I don’t care. What is humiliation when you have lost your reason to live?
There is nothing more that they can do to me, for my heart is dying a slow black death, and my worst fear is that when it does, I shall still live.
They cast my world into eternal darkness with not even a glimmer of light for hope.
I hate them.
Goddamn vampires.

My name is…Imogen

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  1. Very evocative post and I definitely want to know more/read more. Great job!

  2. You definitely know how to capture the readers attention, that excerpt has me hook, line, and sinker, great job.

  3. Striking post with a hook! I am not sure if it is prose or poetry. It works either way.

  4. wow, this could be so many things. how did her lover sell her out? is that why she's forced to perform. great addition to wewriwa.

  5. Very visual. It's poetic prose. Nicely done! :)

  6. Very intriguing opening. Full of emotion and poetry. I like it!

  7. That's a really intriguing, emotional opening.

  8. Whoa, dark thoughts... Lots of emotion here. It is 'curtsy' that you mean, I think, not 'courtesy.'

  9. Very intriguing eight! Well done, Emma, in creating curiosity.