Saturday, December 14, 2013

(Day 10) Dear love of my life

I understand this great truth about men, I do. It is one of those essential, instinctive things every woman must not only accept, but nurture. Of course, you know best, sweetheart, nobody needs to tell you what to do or how to do. You are nobody's schmuck. Trust me, I'm not trying to cull from your need to lead us down the right path, to prove to the world nobody is smarter than you. I would're the smartest, baby, I tell everyone that.

But you see, there are times when you do need to listen to me. Even though I'm not smarter than you, I can provide some invaluable insight to help you retain your crown. Had you listened to me, you wouldn't be cursing right now as you wrestle with our Christmas tree on the floor, searching for the reason the lights don't work. I suggested to you it might not be wise to leave the lights on when you thrust the tree into the box for storage in the attic. It might be wise to strip them off the way you delight in stripping me and pack them separately.

Yes, I understand, if they worked when you took them down last year, they should work this year. But it's still better to be safe than sorry. That 15 minutes of work you congratulated yourself on avoiding last year, just cost you a couple of hours this year. So while you’re figuring that out I'm going to giveaway some books as my contentious debate with obstinate Jacy Oliver continues.

Hey readers we love you! Christmas is a time of giving so not only do Jacy Oliver and I want to giveaway some gift certificates to whoever helps end our little debate, we're just going to giveaway free books too.

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  1. Very well said--and there's a lesson in today's posting for us all. For those that try to find the 'easy' way to do something and for those of us watching them do it-- knowing its all going to go south at some part.
    Well done, Emma!

  2. Loved today's letter. But I think somewhere in all of that you called me obstinate! Rude! much as I try to but on my game face, it's just impossible with a friend like you.

    1. I think we have gotten too close to put on game faces. I cherish our relationship, but at the same time you do bring out the claws, girl! I love you so's weird...LOL

  3. ROFL, why is this letter so close to home.