Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A few good friends and I are having a 12 days till Christmas party where we will be posting everyday on our blogs as well some other nefarious and naughty things. Here is the link to their blogs and make sure you check them out. You never know who you might catch doing what...

My 12 days are themed to this. Telling my theoretical, significant other type, hunky object of lustful desire how to make a woman’s Christmas wonderful.

So here goes:

(Day 12) Dear love of my life,

I love the idea that I am your Christmas present, and you want to unwrap me. That you find me so desirable and you do truly set my loins on fire with insatiable desire. I really can't get enough of you, I can't. I tell all my friends how truly amazing you are in bed, you rock my world. You do!

But when you give me lingerie as my early Christmas gift, you put these slivers of doubts in my head. And I worry over them, trying to decipher what you're trying to tell me. They're laced with a deep hidden meaning that colors my thoughts and makes my heart hold it's breath in fearful anticipation.

After you have so thoughtfully discarded them on the floor, they whisper to me, my darling, in a silky voice that seems sort of nefarious in intentions. And what they say is nothing good. That you don't see our relationship the same as me...You are my everything, my reason to exist. Without you, I am nothing. But the underwear whispers such disturbing thoughts. That it's just my body you're in love with, not me. That if I didn't participate so enthusiastically in the bedroom, you might lose interest. That you might not really love me, but I'm so sure you do. You chased me so hard and when you caught me, you refused to surrender me.

The lingerie is really a gift to yourself and then I give you me to complete it. It shows you how much I really love you. Besides, I'm not looking for an actual physical, gift. What I want is your time...

The love of your life...

And about the real me...
This is the one year anniversary of the one I who I thought was my significant other. This letter is not to you. It is for who I thought you was, but you regrettably proved false. But this is for you... I set down to eviscerate you in fiction, with a sword, actually. But as I learned, emotions can runaway and turn into a real life character. You were spared, unless you want to be a Vampire queen. LOL


  1. Holy crap, that was awesome. Very nicely done!

  2. Wow, very emotional. I'm not sure what you'll do to follow up on that but I'm excited to see the direction you took with this. 11 more days of presents? Or will the theoretical boyfriend come through with love on Christmas day?

  3. Holy moly! I read it once, feeling the ghosts of boyfriends past slam into my heart. Then I had to read it again to allow the emotions to settle and finally a third time to fully become immersed in the lyricism of your words.
    Well done, Emma!

  4. Sorry, I tend to get carried away. This is a very emotional anniversary for me. It was a year ago Saturday I started Poison Heart. From my one of my favorite movies:

  5. Another WOW! That was totally awesome!