Thursday, December 19, 2013

(Day 5) Dear love of my life...

If you met me and had five days to decide whether to to throw away your planned life goals for a life with me, would you do it? To spend the rest of your live loving me, instead of finding a trophy wife to accent your chosen life, would you? What if choosing me meant making a mind blowing adjustment that destroyed your world so you had no choice but to live in mine? Would you do it?

I would, my love, because I believe that life comes down to those moments. When I found you, I knew I would give up anything to be with you. I don't care how much I suffer, what I have to give up to be with you. I would chose you even if meant surrendering my parent's affections, or out right risking my complete ostracizing from them. I love my parents and desperately need their approval of me, but I would gladly surrender that desperate need for you. Would you do the same for me?

That is the core idea of my newly released novel: Mermaid and the flier. Emilee is an alien who comes to earth to observe the sea life. She has been conditioned to hate humans because they are parasites intent on destroying the wonderful sea life of this Earth.

But when her eyes fall on Bobby, the hapless 'flier' seeking the land of the mythical 'Shangri-La', now stranded on an island/prison and sentenced by her people to die, she has five days to decide whether she truly loves him and is willing to throw everything to be with him forever in a happy-ever ending, as unlikely as that seems. His fate is literally in her hands, and her only ally to help free him is her sister who has is of dubious intentions. Because while Emilee is a mermaid of human lore, the only truth behind the Mermaid myth is that humans are the the ultimate Mermadian delicacy.

About me and the Mermaid and the Flier.
This is not the typical Walt Disney fare. This is not Ariel or any other Hans Gretel type of mermaid fantasy. This is based off the idea mermaids are aliens and come from a different planet (Think the aliens from the movie Abyss.) I need a theme song for it, but I guilty admit this song

was my inspiration which I played over and over. No beach boys or any song from 'The Blue Lagoon', please. This novel is hyper intensive YA.

Make darn sure you check out my fellow conspirators. You never know who you might catch doing what...


  1. I love all your novels, but The Mermaid and the Flier has a special spot in my heart. It was how we became friends. Loved your post.

    1. Yes it was Jen, you're making me all weepy. I hope we continue to be friends and keep sharing with each other. I can't imagine not to, I don't want to.

  2. Wow, what an amazing premise to start with...the possibilities are endless. And, yet, very real! Thanks for giving the detail, Emma!

  3. I like the excerpt you posted of this book before. I cant wait to take a breather and read so many new books coming out