Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dear love of my life,

While I bought you the X-Box you so wanted, the true gift I am giving you is me, all of me.
I hope your realize what a gift I'm giving, not because I'm conceited, thinking I am all of that. No, what I mean is this: I am giving you all of me. I'm not holding anything back. Anything you want is yours, just ask.
For the first time of my life, I have found someone I can trust with my heart and soul, someone I know won't take advantage of me, using that intimate access to hurt me, at least not intentionally.
I have never in my life ever been able to give myself completely to someone, never. It is because I am so in love with you that I do, because in truth, my love, I am so uncomfortable giving you me. I don't think I could survive if you didn't realize what I was giving, and give yourself back in return, if you rejected me. I don't know that I would survive it.
But I know your that special guy I have been searching for entire life, you would never, you love me as much as I love you.
Thank you my love...

Merry Christmas.

Make darn sure you check out my fellow conspirators. You never know who you might catch doing what...

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