Thursday, December 19, 2013

(Day 4) Dear love of my life...

Don't give me that look, don't you dare sigh. This is your fault, and what I'm asking you is nothing compared to what you asked of me. I know this is a pre-Christmas get together with you parents, but it is so much more than that.

You asked and I agreed because I wouldn't refuse you a thing, because I love you so much. But this is not a simple get together, it's a fricken trial, It's my judgment day. Your mother thinks the sun rises and sets on you and she will never accept me, if I'm not perfect, if I'm not worthy of your greatness. If I screw this up, I will be forever damned in her eyes. I have to be perfect, worthy of you in her eyes.

This meal I'm preparing has to perfect, there can't be one thing wrong, right down to the napkins on the table, my love. So put on your coat and go to the store. I don't care if I forgot to write this on my list or you just missed it when I sent you the first time. It's not about that, my love.

It's about proving I am perfect and deserving of you to your mother, and yes; that can of peas and paprika spice are the final ingredients to ensure it. Yes, the traffic is a bitch and this might take an hour of your time, but if you don't go, I will be damned for eternity. And won't you? If your mother disapproves of me, what will you do? And I can't blame you for believing I am worthy because of her pronouncement, even if our love is truly that one kind that should supersede all of that...

Make darn sure you check out my fellow conspirators. You never know who you might catch doing what...


  1. Something inside me wants wish you good luck!...LOL, and hopefully he went back to the store.

  2. the joys of in-laws, how I know it. LOL.