Thursday, December 12, 2013

(Day 11 of Christmas gifts for our readers... ) 

Dear love of my life,

I know you hate to go Christmas shopping and I know that I have girlfriends I can go with, but it's not the same. I want you with me, I want the warm serenity of you next to me as we brave the cold together. I want the loving you next to me, holding my hand as the snowflakes dance in the air against the warm glow of the Christmas lights as we waltz from one shop to another.

I want the loving you to hold me tight against that pervading coldness, to keep me warm and secure. Your opinion on the gifts I want to buy doesn't matter, it's that loving caress of your whispered suggestion into my ear I crave. My god, do you realize how that goes right to my heart, expanding it so much I would jump you right now if you asked? I may pretend to be shy, dignified as one must be be in public, but I really want you to steal a kiss, to slip your hands under my coat and grab my breasts.

I know you find it boring, but do you realize what this means to me? All I want is your time, your willingness to be with me. A pronunciation of your love for me. I have done the same for you, I have, my love. I hate video games, but because I love you so, I played with you, though I could barely understand what we were blasting into oblivion. I played because it meant something to you, and I wanted to understand what. And it meant spending time with you, doing what you loved. When you wanted a party to play these games with your friends, I was the perfect host, because I knew what it meant to you.

Do you wonder what I love? Do you remember? Other than you, I only have one passion, just like your video games. It means everything to me, but I would never force you to read my books, my darling. There is this secret me that wishes you would love me so much, you would pick up one of my books to discover the inner me and appreciate me for who I really am. That you would love me more, if that was possible. To learn those inner secrets about me that are too intimate to ever share. The ones you can't know without reading them, without reading me!

While my fantasy may never come true. The perfect guy who understands all of this: I am in the midst of of heated warfare with another author, I deeply admire and am completely envious of. Proving that duality of intentions and desire is possible. We are giving away Gift Certificates to help endeavor readers to help us end this debate: Who has the quintessential Quirky Romance. Please help us, if you will...

Here is the raging debate...

Make darn sure you check them out my fellow conspirators. You never know who you might catch doing what...


  1. Wow! Now I'm really intrigued since you exactly caught my feelings during more than a few shopping expeditions. And, those feelings seem to be prevalent, if a few of the couples I've seen in and around the stores in my area are any indication!
    Another awesome blog offering, Emma. Well done!
    As for the challenge between you and Jacy? I think you're both wonderful but I'm keeping well out of this one!

  2. Emma, I'm sending you all my positive energy that you will find your true love this Christmas...but as for the challenge as much as I love Megan, Kate's got in the bag...LOL.

    1. Okay girl, it's on and I am off for the weekend. Get ready to rumble...

  3. I think the quirky novel debate on goodreads is a real fun way to build excitement. Great idea.

    I remember when my husband and I were dating and he'd grope me at the mall.LOL. good memories.

    1. I know we have to pretend not to like it, but oh yeah.